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Inverter for Water Pumps System


Model: RM6F5



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a. Simple and easy control framework, stable system.
Easy installing, single spare parts, only need to set parameter to expand
number of machines in parallel connection.(maximum number of machines in
parallel connection: four machines.)
b. Smart manual/automatic parallel connection constant
pressure separation function.
c. Smart period constant pressure adjustment in Water
d. Pipeline damage automatic compensation function.
Calculates pipeline damage according to the flow, and automatically adjusts
the pressure set value for the water supply in constant pressure.
e. Dry-run protection.
f. Out of curve operation and excessive outlet pressure
g. Pipe Leakage differential pressure automatic adjustment
start and stop.
h. User-friendly advanced control mode.
i. System control mode parameterization set.
Various constant pressure control modes are set within, and you only need to
set simple parameters to switch into a different control mode.
j. Process cooling water system.
Specially designed for process cooling water, you can set a minmum number
of operating pumps in order to avoid a pump fails during operation.
k. Operation control and management for temperature and
cooling fan.
l. Re-start automatically after abnormal tripping.
m. Setting value (SV) and practical value (PV) are shown


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