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AC Motor Drive (Frequency Inverter) 交流馬達驅動器/變頻器


Model: RM6-9916



Category: Others

Booth No.: 1810


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1.Setting value and pratical value can be displayed
simultaneously on the monitor.
2. PID control function for constant pressure.
3. With the temperature management and fan control
functions to increase the lifetime of cooling fan and
saving the energy.
4. User can monitor the temperature of drive and setting the
pre-alarm level to forecast the maintenance cycle of
cooling fan.
5. Allow RS-485 communication interface control (Modbus
RTU communication protocol).
6. System fault protection includes OP, no Fb,OLO,etc.
7. 9 types monitor display of drive
8. Pressure switch (ON/OFF) control mode.
9. It’s available to connecet three independent
monitor(DM-501) displaying state during operation.
10. 16 sets preset speed control.


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